Friday, March 27, 2009

Missing Link Records

Missing Link Records is a record store in Melbourne, Australia. The shop first opened in 1971, but was then called Archie and Jughead's, named after the comic. The shop's co-founders, David Pepperell and Keith Glass, established the shop as a much-needed rock record shop. The original aim for the shop was to stock imported records from the United States that were not readily available in Australia at that time.

In 1978, Archie and Jughead's became Missing Link (after a brief stint of being called Dr. Peppers). The name was being used by Keith Glass for a record label. The name was taken from a wild 60s Australian rock band, The Missing Links, and was felt to greater embody the contemporary punk rock / new wave scene of which the shop had become a part, while still reflecting the owners' past. Missing Link had become an integral part of Melbourne's independent music scene, promoting and selling local releases, and acting as a source of new music from overseas.

The original owners eventually moved on, but Missing Link has remained at the forefront of independent music in Australia.

Today, the shop is one of the main punk and indie rock retail outlets in Australia.

The shop is located at Basement 405 Bourke St., Melbourne.

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