Tuesday, September 16, 2008

koleksi foto lama pt 1

lepaking at heaven studio gig...rockin core gig
kasih sayang
jellybelly @ a//mince infoshop
injustice system acceptance
mass separation

a//mince infoshop
boy of mass separation

announcement from Nervhous Records

We just sent out last few copies of;

bonds of old skool compilation CD
inikah hidup 'soundtracks of war and destruction' CD

meaning it's totally sold out from us. don't order or ask for trade for these 2 CDs anymore. other CDs and stuffs are still available. Punkrock Paradox CD is selling very fast, we finished our copies but now selling the Skunkfix's part of the CDs. We predict that it'll also be sold out early next year. So, be quick or be dead.

anyhow, you can still get the above releases;

bonds of old skool compilation CD (try asking Tragis Rekords)
inikah hidup 'soundtracks of war and destruction' CD (get it from Core Rock Moon Records, Beskal Records or Zeezam convert distro)

Thanx for those who endlessly support us.


Punk Rock records/distro label that loves trading with whatever stuffs you have :)

CEO hoho!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

conquest for death in KL bossss!!!!

nasik dagang raya jamm part 3! 2008!

I'm not the organizer for this 'Nasik Dagang' this year like I did two years in a row before. Good luck and thanks to Carin and Rojak Distro who's continue my effort ;-)