Tuesday, February 15, 2011

tak siap lagi ni..., akan terbit

Buku yang menampilkan:

1. Bihun Bakso dan Punk Rock karya Mat Yie
2. Terbalik Ini Cerita karya Shabri
3. Kita Borak Jap karya Wolf
4. Buku Punk Rock karya Nizang
5. Aku dan Sepucuk Revolver Bernama Punk karya Nan
6. Punk: Definisi Aku Yang Tersendiri karya Hafeez

Sunday, February 13, 2011

zine tempatan yang mencecah 10 keluaran

Di Malaysia, bilangan zine yang keluar dengan konsisten boleh dikira dengan jari. Kebanyakannya keluar dua atau tiga issue dan paling banyak keluar satu issue je. Walaupun ada antara zine ni pernah ade naik turun dari segi kualitinya, di sini saja-saja aku senaraikan zine-zine yang aku tahu yang dah keluarkan zine lebih dari 10 isu. Apa-apa pun, kualiti lebih penting dari kuantiti. Dari sudut penampilan dan juga isi kandungan.

1. Vortex from the East (latest issue 21 in 1995) by Ajizz Rongak Death based in PJ

2. Cronically Donut (latest issue 13) by Jimbo, Syed and friends based in JB

3. Embrace (latest issue 12-13) by Saha based in Kluang

4. DRSA (latest bumper issue 8 & 10 in 2009?) by Fazri based in Terengganu

5. Mosh (latest issue 14 in 2011) by Nizang based in Kuala Terengganu - KL

6. xStand Point of Mindx (latest issue 12-13) by xTimmyx based in JB

7. Masked Reader (latest issue 12 in 2011) by Anix based in Kemaman

PS: Rasanya ada lagi zine lain ni, tapi mungkin di luar pengetahuan aku...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Case Study: Mallory Gevaert

I had to do an international case study/field research. It have to be an unpublished materials. So I did a brief interview with Mallory Gevaert. Let's read what she have to say.

1. Tell us your background in fanzines and publication field.

I write a biweekly zine column for alarmpress.com reviewing various types of zines.

2. Why do you write about fanzines?

They're an interesting part of publishing that a lot of people don't seem to know about, or have a lot of misconceptions about - that they're about a really narrow range of topics, or only homemade stapled contraptions etc. And I like writing about them

3. Do you think music magazines sales can be improved by using desktop publishing plus fanzine graphics?

I think fanzine graphics or any home-made type graphics can be very eyecatching, especially on a newsstand, and done right they can still look professional and slick enough to fit with a music magazine. Plus they have that DIY/punk aesthetic that's so key to a lot of modern music.

4. What formats/design aspects of fanzines that you think can be used in music magazines to enhance the aesthetic value? (eg. Handwriting, stencil, silk-screen, cut and paste, typewriter typeface, different kinda binding)

Stencil always looks really cool, and different bindings would definitely set the magazine apart from what else is on newsstands.

5. Other suggestions in design aspect for music magazines to survive in the current download craze and weblogs era?

Just using something new and interesting that doesn't look like all the other high-gloss magazines available. Music magazines covering certain genres of music can get away with using cut-and-paste covers or handwritten titles, so why don't they?

6. What do you think is lacking in websites that make printed reading material is essential to keep on being published?

Quality photos and layout are always key when I'm reading magazines, and so many websites use templates now and tend to look very similar to each other. Also, magazines are portable, which is a big help, even with iPads and phones around now.

7. What are your favorite zines and why?

My favorite zine is probably The La La Theory by Katie Haegele, because it's all about weird quirks of language and I think that's interesting. She also digs up odd information from old textbooks and things, and the aesthetic is all very old-fashioned and nice. I also like King-Cat by John Porcellino because he just writes mini comics about things that happen in his life.

8. What are the weirdest zines you've seen/read and how does it look like?

I saw some comics that were about four pages long and the size of an index card, so those were odd.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

hardkoi zine dari temerloh (my first punk letter)

Aku baca review ni dalam Blasting Concept dan terus order. Macam menarik sebab ada pasal skate.

Ni pulak surat yang aku dapat. Zine hardkoi ni memang banyak ubah idup aku time 1996 tu. Aku telan bulat-bulat apa yang ditulis dalam zine tu.

Mana ntah zine tu, masih ada dalam simpanan aku. Berkulit biru dan tidak bergambar pada kulit. Hanya ditulis Hardkoi zine #1. don't judge a zine by it's cover. Fuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Ni pulak zine lain, jugak dari Temerloh...Kaum Muda zine. Tapi tak sesedap Hardkoi #1.