Saturday, April 7, 2012

My siblings

After writing the post about my late father, I think I should write something about my siblings. My mother, Ma was a single mother from 1994-2009. She married an Ustaz from Padang Midin exactly 10 years after Pa passed away and currently lives there.

I know it was hard for Ma bringing all of us up, especially when we were in our teens, in high school -the rebellious period. I should say she succeed, with much patience. Ma was a teacher. When Pa was still around and healthy, Ma held an important role at school in KL. But in Terengganu, she became a normal teacher, teaching Bahasa Melayu and English. She had to divide her time for work, taking care of Pa, taking care of the six of us and her geng surau, etc.

Some of us were quite rebellious and naughty, that includes me. I made her cry a couple of times. I was being a teenage boy.

Ma always stressed to us that she wants all of us to study and finish degree, at least. And yes, all of us finished degree. I even finished my Masters degree last January, while my youngest sister currently doing her Masters degree at a local university. I heard that my eldest sister is also planning for her Masters Degree.

Two of my elder sisters are currently English teachers at secondary school. I'm a lecturer at a private university. My little bro is a government officer and have the same position as Pa. My second last sister is a fashion designer in Bangsar and as mentioned above, our youngest sister is currently doing her MA.

Yes, Ma deserves applause for her and our success. Thank you, Ma for everything.

Our latest photo together.

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