Thursday, September 15, 2011

kidney transplant part 3

Today my brother and his wife came along with me to Selayang Hospital. For the first time I met the two persons who will handle my transplant; Sister Chitra and Puan Rohani (a nurse, or 'maxi' as Terengganu folks call them).

Sister Chitra asked what do we know about kidney transplant. We have no clear answer. I told her I had read something about it, my wife did the research for me. She said my potential donor has to undergo a long process. Minimum 4-6 months more. And it's quite complicated since my brother will be on a half-year training (PDD) all around peninsular Malaysia starting 1st October till end of March 2012. Sister Chitra asked for his schedule and she will try to slot in to do the tests whenever my brother is around Klang Valley and can spare sometime to come to do any tests.

He will have to take a series of urine tests, blood tests, ultrasound and matching blood white cell with mine. The ultrasound is to measure which kidney is slightly bigger than the other. If everything is okay, my brother will donate the slightly smaller one to me. Then the potential donor will meet a psychitrist to be councelled and be prepared mentally too. Then the results will be taken to Singapore for comparison and if eveything is okay, nothing contradicts then all results will be presented to the surgeons here in Selayang. If the surgeons are happy with all the results then they will straight away set a date for transplant. If not, the surgeons will see the patient and the pontential donor.

Potential donor means my brother is not definitely gonna be my donor. He can be disqualified anytime even at the very last minute if any of the tests contradicts with the result expected. Pray for us hopefully everything will go on smoothly.

After the two persons done with councelling the two of us. They called my brother's wife in. And had a private councelling.

Alhamdulillah my brother's wife encouraged him to donate to me. She said her mother also has lived with one kidney since she was pregnant the third child and still got two more babies after that.

He will start 24 hours urine collection this Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. He will have to pee in a perservetived bottle for 24 hours. Everytime he pee, including at the office. So, he have to bring the bottle in a bag or something and bring it to the toilet at the office and also home. I used to do this a couple of times before. 3 times in a week and will be taken blood after each collection. The amount of the urine he produce have to be enough. If not, he'll have to do everything again to be sure. My blood test will start on 28th September and Sr. Chitra said the nurse will take a lot of blood from me on that date. Better be prepared.

Wish us luck. Pray for us. InsyaAllah.


khabir said...

InsyaAllah,semoga dimudahkan segala urusan, dan semoga Allah makbulkan segala hajat dan doa kau, aku doakan agar proses kidney transplant ni berjalan lancar.

I'm pretty sure you've already checked this out :

"Ya Allah pulihkan penyakit kawan ku ini, sesungguhnya Engkaulah yang maha pemurah dan maha penyayang, turunkanlah rahmat di atas segala ujian yang Kau berikan dan Tingkatkanlah kesabaran, taqwa dan iman kami. Amin "

Tabahlah menghadapi segala dugaan.Sesungguhnya dugaan tu adalah untuk hambaNya yang beriman.

Dr. Ben said...

big sacrifices from those involved. May Allah s.w.t. bless you all.