Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'm in the process of downsizing my CD collection from 500 cds and 500 cassettes to 50 cds and 50 cassettes. That is for now. I'll only be keeping the CDs and cassettes that I think I will be listening for another thousand rounds without vomitting.

I used to be the strong scene supporter, especially local scene products. I would buy them all. Punk rock, hardcore, grindcore, you name it, I've bought them. Especially from harcore/punk and indie pop genre. Any new release from local bands or local labels. Just shove it to me and say "this is our band's new release". I wouldn't say no.

I even collected local bands' vinyls records (piring hitam) and bought a turntable. But at one point I decided I can't and shouldn't be a collector anymore. I should just buy the stuffs that I will listen to a thousand times. So I limit my buying to only good stuffs and from preferred styles; poppunk, melodic punk, old school hardcore, some indie pop. That's it.

At the age of 29 I felt like I should start selling the stuffs that I won't really listen to anymore. Because I need money and I need space at the bedroom. I was getting married at that time.

I've been selling a lot of my stuffs after marriage. Used items for sale, and I sold them for cheap. To get rid of them. Some of them, I had second thoughts whether to sell or to keep. Kena hati kering. Need space and need cash for the soon to come baby, InsyaAllah.

Fael, the frontman of Dum Dum Tak who came to my bujang bedroom said that it was like the Dial House. There are CDs everywhere. As for my fanzine collection, I do thought of selling some back issues of Maximum Rock N Roll and Razorcake, but since I'm writing a thesis about music magazine and fanzine now, it's wise to keep them all for now.  

Thanks to all my buyers!!!

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