Thursday, February 19, 2009

Old School Skaters

I don't know when I started to fall in love with this silly wooden toy. But, I remember watching Michale J Fox skating in the Back to the Future movie and some teenage kids skating at the nearby playground when I was really small. I started skating in late 1995 or maybe in 1996?.

In 2001, I can't skate because of arthritis. Now in 2009, I started skating again...after 8 bloody years! Hehehhe...Fcuk back then, there's no such thing as skatepark, it's DIY skatepark or street skating all the way. For the first time ever I skated at a "proper" skatepark in Putrajaya. Well, it's just for fun...nothing to accomplish except for self joy...

Back To The Future Skate scene

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paranoid of death said...

Nizang..sabtu ni ..aku ngan naz gi skate kat Shah Alam skatepark..jom gi skate skali..lama tak skate nih..