Sunday, February 22, 2009

25 masak ranum facts about Nizang

1. i'm a geek/nerd
2. i cook
3. i skateboard again at the age of 27 but suck at it
3. i play bass but suck at it
4. i can't sleep with a shirt on
5. i snore loudly
6. i'm not into cars or any vehicles and stuffs like that (merc, bmw, bla bla)
7. currently crazy buying books
8. i spent a lot on music
9. i think wonder pets is cool
10. i write, and i dig band photos, punk rock band videos.
11. i dont know how to scold people like fukk
12. this month salary i wanna buy books!
13. next month money i wanna buy CD rack
14. i still listen and buy cassettes, and collects local bands piring hitam
15. i draw a bit and need to polish my skills in that, i do design a bit and also need to polish
16. most of my t-shirts are band t-shirts
17. i suck at exploring softwares...i need to do that
18. i'm hungry and i miss my girlfriend :(
19. KRU is my childhood heroes and i still dig their old songs till now
20. I think greenday is still one of the coolest bands
21. i'm going to publish my own book someday! yeah!
22. i'm going to be a part of Always Last theater show this coming 4th April!
23. i'm addicted to coffee!
24. i want to go world traveling and hitchhike, sleep on rooftops/squats (yeah right) sooner or later
25. I'm still the geek you knew 10 years ago, punk rocker, skater, zine writer, record label geek, dreamer...

extra: I want to potong rambut ASAP!


Azri Rotten said...

rambut ko baru nak tumbuh dah nak potong balek? let them grow lah..its nature... :D

Kieng Meng said...

aku bekerja bersama Amir Always Last kat Texas Instrument..sempoi la dia..aku beli CD band ko dari dia la..hoh