Thursday, October 21, 2010

Knowledge#1: Dishwasher Pete

Pete Jensen, better known as Dishwasher Pete had set a goal to wash dishes in every state in America. He wrote about it in a zine called Dishwasher. He washed dishes professionally about ten years, in restaurants, hospitals, cafeterias, greasy spoon cafes, canneries and whenever there are dishes that needed to be clean.

He quitted a lot and can’t remember how many jobs he’s had. He had no home. He sold his zine for $1 each and made 2, 000 copies. He could have just make a living just by selling his zines but he refused to do so. This is because he thought he’d be too lazy to wash dishes, and then have nothing to write about.

He attended a half dozen colleges, with various majors, but never graduated. He just wanted to wash dishes.

Dishwasher Pete earns from $4.50 to $7.50 an hour in jobs that get no respect. But he did not need respect. He only wants to be left alone. "I do most of my writing in my head while I work," he said. "They rent my labor, not my mind."

He has no desire to move up the corporate ladder. When his boss offered him a promotion as a cook, he answered. "I'm a dishwasher, not a cook!"

He was scheduled to appear in Late Night Show with David Letterman in. Instead of appearing himself, he sent an imposter. But he sent his real self on the same show a year later, to talk about his book, Dishwasher.


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