Friday, October 22, 2010

Knowledge #7: Keith Rosson

Keith Rosson started with the DIY culture in the late 90’s and galleries. He has participated in nearly three dozens group exhibitions over the past twelve or thirteen years.

He’s also an illustrator and graphic designer, having done work for bands such as Against Me!, Hot Cross, Submission Hold, Amanda Woodward and more. When he’s not painting pictures of floating wolf heads or rabbits in gas masks, he works in education.

This two-person exhibition with Mario Robert marks the last show he’ll be having on the west coast (or anywhere) for some time. Over 80 paintings old and new were exhibited.

Keith said he worked with heavy, obvious themes in his mind; universal theme, loneliness, jingoism, lack of emotional connections, greed, kindness, justice.

He grown up with comic and punk culture and his arts are strongly influenced by these two elements.

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