Friday, October 22, 2010

Knowledge #6: Rejabhad

Rejabhad (born Rejab bin Had) is a Malaysian legendary cartoonist in the Malaysian comic industry. Known as King of Malaysian Cartoons or Malaysian Comic Headman because of his huge contribution towards Malaysian comic industry. He did in 2002 due to heart disease.

Even though he loved drawing, he joined Malaysian Army right after he left school because at that time, being a cartoonist might not be able to guarantee the future life. He joined the army about three months after his debut comic was published in Gelanggang Filem magazine.

He became a full-time cartoonist for Gila-Gila magazine right after he retired from army services. He was the first Malaysian cartoonist who hired personal car driver but he prefer walking and boarding LRT instead. He was the only cartoonist in the world eligible for the title Comics Headman by a comic publisher since there was no comic publisher in the world which dared to offer the title to any of their cartoonists.

As a cartoonist, Rejabhad applied the basic principles of comics that comics functions to criticize certain issues lightly. Because Rejabhad was born before Malaysian independence, he is well-known for drawing comics according to latest events but with traditional, classic strokes. In addition, he often used philosophies in the dialog boxes in order to make his comics even more interesting.


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