Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kill 'em termites

A few weeks ago, my sister found out that our house in Kuala Terengganu got attacked by termites. She first noticed these termites when she found my brother's birth certificate that became one of those termites' foods. Then she began to notice more and more books, magazines, and even the furnitures were all eaten by termites and another wood-eating creature. All her Chicken Soup books that she bought for more than RM500 were destroyed and also all her Readers Digest magazines got ruined and need to be thrown away too.

When the pest control people came, coincidancely I was there. They took out all the stuffs from under the stairs at our house, all hidden treasures that was put there when we first moved there in 1998. There were all sorts of stuffs; toys from our childhood days that made my nephew excited, winter clothing, my late father's 80's shirts and pants, books, my sister's scrapbooks, school yearbook and even work-out and health tools.

It costs RM2000 to kill those termites, that's a lot of money but there's a warranty for three years. Meaning we can call the pest control anytime and ask them to kill those termites in the period of three years (if they ever return or if we discover other corners where they play and hide lah!).

Some tips to share if the same thing happens to your place; firstly make sure you take out all the stuffs from your house first especially all the corners where the termites are playing and hiding. Second, make sure when the pest control people come, no small children especially babies are around in the house. It's quite dangerous I guess. The poison can kill all small animals including lizards and rats too. They'll drill holes on the floor and ground around your place and put the poison.

Luckily, I've brought my zines and book collection to KL and didn't leave them there especially under the stairs. I'm always thinking about archiving my zines collection. Maybe I should seal the zines that are important to me. It's always on my mind, what if my zines collection got damage by any natural disasters, etc. My zines collection is an important part of my life. The most important are of course the master copies and copies of my own zine. I've read a zine about archiving zines for the future, maybe I should follow the tips.

The house was still in a little mess after all the termite’s genocide fiesta. Should get cleaning for Raya soon.

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