Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weot Skam ‘Breaking’ Cassette (Kandar Mosh)

Newly released cassette ep by Weot Skam, a band that needs no introduction. Fast and thrashy hardcore punk tunes singing about free education, friendship, the rights to “not growing up”, etc. They also include two versions of Fastgame’s ‘Ambil Dirimu’.

I like the message in ‘It’s up to me’, it’s too overrated whereas when you finish study people will ask about our job, when you start working people will ask about marriage, cars, children and why you still active in punk rock still have long hair, and still don’t ‘grow up’ and say that punk rock is for school kids. The thing is; mind your own business and yeah, we know how to manage our life. Cool topic to sing about. I simply love this and to add to that, first 100 copies will include a free glow in the dark guitar pick. Sweet.

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