Sunday, December 28, 2008

knocked silly

Last Wednesday, I was scheduled to meet the guy who will be printing DDT CD cover. So, I tembo (sneakout/ranaway) from office early and went straight to Kitaro, Bukit Bintang at 12pm. As I reached the place I was Yus (Kuchalana) eating alone. So I sat with him and had a little chat before he leave to go back to work.

While talking to the printer guy (Dan Azreen) and the girl who came along with him, I found out the girl is actually Yazid's (Search) daughter and he himself is the son of Andy's (Flop Poppy/Spiral Kinetic Circus).

I went home that day singing to the song 'Flop Poppies' by Flop Poppy (that later being rerecorded by OAG with the title 'Knocked Silly'.


Mohd Jayzuan said...


Son Goku said...

Ya!Aku rindu versi yang ada dlm a circle of friends tu..Syg kaset dah rosak,ko ada dalam versi mp3 tak?
Kalau ada boleh aku mintak? heheheh

Kronik Kronisme said...

aku pun ade kaset jer bosss...