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Punk Rock Art Exhibition, Rumah Api KL 2012 (updated)

Punk Rock Art Exhibition, Rumah Api

It's been a year since the last time I went to Rumah Api, and it's the first time since they changed its name from Gudang Noisy. Was busy with marriage life I guess and the place I live now is quite far from Rumah Api. This is the first time ever the local hc/punk scene kids held an art exhibition that exhibited artworks by punk rockers. Congratulations to those involved in organizing it. 

There was no official launch but it was on from 20th to 24th May 2012. I guess most artists were quite low-profile, no names were written at the artworks nor details and explanations except for a few. Some artworks were done the night before the opening. The arts were a good mix of paintings, drawings, installations, sculptures, collage arts, stencil arts, photographs, computer generated prints, etc. Some artists that I wished to look at their works didn't exhibit, but there will be the second installation. I hope more punk rockers will display their arts. 

The artists; Khalil, Chem, Zaki, Nizang, Man Beranak, Iznan Rafa, Edd, Robby, Kojek, Rat, Arip, Iss, Abang Garrison, Nunu, Ady Shutterscream, Man Iblis and Matt (France).
The artworks that I exhibited are called ‘Authority’ (5 pieces series) and ‘Ego’ (1 piece). Actually these are old artworks from 2006 that I did when I was doing my degree. Our class held at the plaza one day and we had discussions and just chat on a lot of subjects including authority, technology, and others.

The ‘Authority’ series mostly shows bad cops, cop in disguise and corrupted cops. During the discussion, a friend who’s from Bangladesh told us that many of his Bangladeshi friends were stopped and “robbed” by the cops. The cops kept on asking money from them. Another friend also said he witnessed some Indonesian workers were asked by cops to give their money to them. I even heard these immigrant workers some of them when they get their salary, the cops will come to them and take about 80% of their money by force. I’m not sure how far this is true but if these stories are really happening, they’re the ones to be blamed why people hate cops so much.

Recently in the social network media and even newspaper it was highlighted that one cop’s child wrote sadly because after Bersih 3.0 protest a lot of Malaysian started condemning the cops and calling them ‘the government dogs’ when they’re just doing their job.  

I have cops friends and I have friends who are cops too. If they saw my painting, they might get hurt but it was my task too. Our lecturer asked us to visualize the stuffs we discussed in the class.

Enjoy the pics...

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