Thursday, May 31, 2012

letter from Bacteriostatic kids (Kulai) for Mosh zine

Hi Nizang,

It’s been  9 years since we know Hc/Punk .The reason why we writing this is to let you know how you introducing and been inspiring us in this scene.The first zine we buy is Mosh issue 7.We know about your mosh zine from an article in revolution magazine. It is also the first stuff that we have buy  by mail. At that time , we also do a zine called brain damage and we do it with your mosh zine as a guidance. We have a lot of fun doing that zine. We even interview Plague Of Happines! And because of your zine , we also buy fags and stoned tape which make us fall in love in punk rock music. But our zine only been released in one issue and we only spread it in our school. Actually  we want to write this in a letter, but since we’ve been busy with studying, we don’t  have a time to go to the post office. So, keep up this good work!!!  Who know maybe there are a lot high school kid out there will know about this Hc/Punk scene with your piece of paper that we called zine. THANK YOU A LOT!!!!
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Gero & Kamen 

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