Sunday, May 22, 2011

Top 50 Albums

Yeah, I've been wanting to do this list for many years. Still in 'draft' stage. Stay tuned. I admit I don't really listen to a lot of music, but this is a list of albums that I can listen to for another thousand times. Yeah, if you think my taste in music sucks, up yours!

1. Ash '1977'
2. Ash 'Free All Angels'
3. Weezer 'Blue Album'
4. Weezer 'Pinkerton'
5. Foo Fighters 'The Colors And The Shape'
6. Foo Fighters 'self-titled'
7. Goldfinger 'self-titled'
8. Nirvana 'nevermind'
9. Minor Threat 'Discography'
10. Get Up Kids 'Something To Write Home About'
11. Offspring 'Smash'
12. Greenday 'Dookie'
13. Greenday 'Warning'
14. No Fun At All 'Out Of Bounds'
15. Millencollin 'Life On A Plate'
16. Lead II Nitrate 'Discography'
17. Greenday 'Nimrod'
18. The Get Up Kids 'Something To Write Home About'
19. Nostalgia 'Neutral Kembali'
20. The Pilgrims 'Away From The Numbers'
21. Smoking Popes 'Born To Quit'
22. Gin Blossoms 'Congratulations, I'm Sorry'
23. The Bollocks 'Revolution'
24. Carburetor Dung 'Songs For Friends'
25. Subculture 'Love and Hate'
26. Against Me! 'Reinventing Axl Rose'
27. The Ergs 'dorkrockcorkrod'
28. Pinhead Gunpowder 'Carry The Banner'
29. Rancid '...and out comes the wolves'
30. Operation Ivy 'Energy'
31. Social Distortion 'self-titled'
32. Plague Of Happiness 'Kawan'
33. Radiohead 'Pablo Honey'
34. Counting Crows 'Recovering The Satellites'
35. FSF 'Tolerate No More'
36. OAG 'self-titled'
37. Cranberries 'To the Faithfully Departed'
38. Greenday 'Nimrod'
39. Third Eye Blind '3eb'
40. Cromok 'Forever In Time'
41. Enslaved Chaos 's/t'

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