Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a letter from Microcosm Publishing

Hey there,

Because so many people use stolen credit cards from your country and we have to pay for the purchase, the books, and the $25 service fee, we can't afford to ship to Malaysia anymore because the shipping is too expensive.

So your card was refunded and we cancelled the order.

If you want to order, you can send concealed U.S. cash in the mail or pay via postal money order in U.S. funds.

UPS Ground is only for domestic US shipping. You would need to use global priority or international mail.

Sorry about this. It's just that we've taken some huge losses in the past year and we need to tighten up.

Take care

punks ripping off punks? what's wrong with you guys??? otak letak kat lutut. they're not big mega multinational company la bosses.

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