Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dreams and nightmares

People around me always said that whatever happened in your dreams, the opposite things will happen. I do agree with that. It was proven a lot of times in my life.

Last year I lost my mobile phone. Then in my nap I kept on dreaming about the phone. I dreamt my girlfriend called me. The image was that very same phone with her name on the screen. I can’t sleep well.

Last week I had a nightmare. I was at a very faraway place and I misplaced my car key. Even though it seemed like a simple thing it was kinda very long and one of the worst nightmares I had in a while. With no spare key and at a strange place, it seemed so real. I woke up sweating.

This morning it almost became a reality. I misplaced my car key. I escaped from work for a while and took a nap and kept on dreaming about the key. Later that day I found it in a small pocket of my bag, I wonder who or how did it get in there.

Last two years I had the worst nightmares of my life, as far as I can remember. In that nightmare the whole family was at a beach. My mother was so excited and called us to join her playing with the water. All of a sudden a very big wave was splashing towards us and pushed my mother. Her body was smashed onto some buildings so hard and…I don’t wanna continue writing.

I woke up that very instant and was sweating. Then I continued sleeping.

I had a second nightmare right away after that. This time around, it was at our house. It was raining cats and dogs and flooding. The water was rising so fast. I climbed up to the highest cupboard in the house with my mother’s help. She couldn’t make it and was drowned.

I woke up that very instant for the second time. I was sweating like hell. I can’t sleep anymore. The nightmare seemed so real. I kept on thinking about my mother. I felt like calling her that instant. I drank some plain water, like what my mother would suggest if we were in shock.

I called my mother as soon as the sun rises. She was okay. I told her I had dreams of her. But I didn’t tell about the nightmares.

I texted my auntie and told about the nightmares. She said that the nightmares meant that my mother will be healthy and have a long life.

Yes. I do believe that.

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