Monday, May 17, 2010

survey for mosh #14

yeah, i'm already brainstorming for mosh issue #14. one of the main thing for this issue is this survey. i want as many people to answer this survey. do send your answer to, this issue will probably be an 'almost non-musical issue' or 'childhood issue' or 'survey issue'...we'll see...this is what you get for reading too much stuffs from microcosm, i think so...i'm also accepting (looking for) contributions of any sort (art, writing, poems,...) about childhood/growing up memories.

1. What’s the first zine you’ve read/seen?

2. What zines you read that gave you life-changing experience?

3. What are your favorite zines and why?

4. What’s the weirdest zine you’ve seen and how does it look like?

5. What’s the first hc/punk/DIY record/cd/tape you bought?

6. What’s the hc/punk/DIY band that changed your life?

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