Thursday, February 23, 2012

Profile untuk Buku lagi...tunggu!

Ayee (dulu buat zine Piss Of Mine: A Forum Of Thoughts) ada projek buat buku. Antara penulis yang terlibat adalah Yuna, Alak dan lain-lain. Aku pun dijemput juga. Tulislah sikit-sikit sebab deadline kejap sangat dia bagi. Jadi ni profil yang aku tulis untuk buku tu. Untuk info lanjut pasal buku tu, Documentist  

Nizang has published Mosh zine, a zine about the local skate and punk rock scene as well as real life stories since 1999 until now. The latest issue is issue 14. He wrote the book ‘Aksi Reaksi: Dokumentasi Dum Dum Tak’ and was involved in writing the book ‘Punk Rock: Disebalik Fesyen dan Muzik Bising’. His writings were also featured in magazines such as Maximum Rock N Roll, Revolution and zines such as The Coalition, DRSA, Roots, My Friends And The Pit, Masked Reader, etc.

He used to sing for Jellybelly and Inikah Hidup, two bands based at his hometown, Kuala Terengganu. Currently he plays bass, sing back-ups and write some lyrics for Dum Dum Tak, a KL-based punk rock band.

To pay the bills and support his family, he works as a lecturer at a private university teaching creative and design modules for Foundation Year students. Klang, Selangor is where he calls home now, living with his wife and a daughter.  

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