Monday, May 4, 2009

Shaving After Shave -lyrics by Dakootyroaches

Shaving After Shave
by Dakootyroaches

Alarming the obsolete,
when everything seems so out of place,
same old story, reflavored to fit the current taste
manufactured insecurities, pleasure of dependency,
tell your granddads now, tell 'em now.
turn the pages ask the teacha,
tell 'em the number 5 and 13,
brief but scary, one side of story.
Mute and well fed so extraordinary
The weapon is fear, as they tell every color.
It's gonna burst boy, you better be shudder.

"Heed you people, you so indebted"
yeah heed, and forever separated.
Survival guaranteed by ethnic oriented.
"we are the hero who've made you liberated".
History book will serve your asses.
And yes, the bullshit swallowed by the masses
The one who struggled vanished in haze.
How heroic, by shaving after shave.

(the circus) ...welcome to the circus
you can meet the clown.
shouting nationalistic bullshit
of survival of the brown.
Go through the chapters, of predictable plots,
and then go check the headlines,
the latest joke is out.

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