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Review 16 July 2007

These are some reviews I did since a few months ago. Some of them are not complete, hope I'll have more free time. There are many more stuffs on my desk waiting to be reviewed. I'll try to scan the covers too. Send in your DIY stuffs. All reviews are from my own point of view and preference, no heart feelings! Send in your contribution, i need volunteers to review stuffs especially those released under my label, Nervhous Records. Be it positive or negative review. Thanks!
Note: The prices are not including mail cost unless ‘ppd’ is stated at the price. Thank you.

The 4 Sivits vs The Tangled Lines CD (Marker)/RM20
I first listened to The Tangled Lines on the Standing Hard: a tribute to YOT comp put out by Saha’s Embrace Records. I was amazed by their fast and tight old skool HC songs with female vocalist. The moment I saw this split CD on sale at the 4 Sivits in KL show, I didn’t make second thoughts to go and grab it. They have some melodic and sing along parts just the way I like it and also screaming second vocals. Fucking rocks. They share messages like open-mindedness, equality for both sexes in the moshing pit, and asking Bush to bomb Texas because they have oil too. Haha! For The 4 Sivits, they play the classic hc/punk styles with sing along parts. Not too fast. They sing about the power of music to their lifes, hope for the scene, and mankind and a cover from Gang Green. Both bands are from Germoney. Marker Records, or

The Bollocks ‘Revival’ CD (Basement Records)/RM10
When I heard The Bollocks will come with a new album, after their really great ‘Revolution’ cassette, I was excited. The ‘Revolution’ cassette got sold with a very very high number of copies worldwide, at RM3 and even got pirated by some one-eyed-scums and their versions were sold at the price of RM9.90 to RM15! That’s how they gave impact towards the scene especially locally. Enough about the history lessons. Maybe I expected what I shouldn’t. They’re still punk rock, still melodic, hard bass lines just like before. But I feel the kick is not as powerful as before. I couldn’t tell why. Nine songs are included in this CD. They recorded back the song ‘Police Federation’ from their ’94 demo, ‘My Friend’ and ‘No More War’ from ‘Hapuskan ISA’ compilation. They also did a cover of Mass Separation’s ‘Tak Mau Lagi’. or or Basement Records, Apt Blk 250 Choa Chu Kang Ave 2, #02-462, Singapore 680250, Singapore

Even Today ‘Reach My Heart’ cdr (nowlefte?)
This Japanese band played in KL recently along with Community Trust, also from Japan. I couldn’t make it to the show for attending my sister’s engagement ceremony. From what I heard, this band was great. The label which brings them down carries this CD so yeah as I’m an oldskool hardcore freak myself I surely grab it. What I got is 4 songs of melodic hardcore with screamy vocals and song-along. I like it! singing about revolution, change, and such. or or try contacting Dyslexia Records.

Feud ‘battling bastard of freedom’ (Take 4 collective)
This is fucking angry political hardcore from the Philippines that has been around since 1998. They’ve improved from time to time since I heard them in Take No Heroes and the 3” cdr. The track ‘dedications’ which is a cover from Nations on Fire is a slower melodic hc/punk song. Take 4 Collective, P.o Box 3900 CPO Manila 1000, Philippines or

Freygyle ‘Kimberley’ cdr (Knot Records)/RM6
It’s hard to believe that this band has been around for 10 years now. And they didn’t ever change line-up. This is only their second 3 songs single CD and been featured in some compilations before. They still maintain their low-note melodic punk/hc like Bad Religion in this CD. Kimberley here is not a girl’s name. It’s a method of diamond process or something. Like the lyrics goes “Diamonds are forever funding army and killing children and women”. Oh shit I’ve lost the lyrics shit. Contact

The Intifada ‘Rock and Roll Radical’ demo (self-released)/RM6
I met the front man of The Intifada when he followed Depress to play a show at my hometown. I think the title suggests that this band play rock and roll punk. Yeap, they do have the fun rock and roll melodies to most of their songs. I like most of them! There’s no lyrics on the inlay, that’s a slack. With song titles like ‘islamphobia’, ‘keiltizaman satu tekad’, ‘drunkies junkies’, ‘pig in blue’, ‘red and yellow pig’, ‘rox n roll radical’, ‘all shook up’ and ‘black bush’…you have to figure out what they’re singing about. One song in Bahasa and the rest in English with a cover from A//Political as the intro. Quite enjoyable! I think this demo is put out in a rush because they supposed to play along that day. There’s no email or any contact whatsoever stated in here. Try contacting any Depress guys.

Mohd Jayzuan ‘songs from bedroom’ ep cdr (self-released)/RM6
This is Jay, the infamous Free Love’s front man’s side project. He mainly plays solo with helps from friends. I stated this side project as ‘broken hearted folk rock’ before. Well, besides he’s a cool lo-fi musician, he’s also a good shrink. xTimmyx from Young And Dangerous also has been a good shrink to me. Giving me support during my time of depression. So, basically I’m in the state of ‘emo’ and enjoying this CD. I personally like the songs ‘it’s alright baby’, ‘gone’, ‘from me to you’, and ‘when you’re around’. Thanks to Jay and xTimmyx for being my unpaid shrink and also others. Heheh…and thanks for these ‘folk-patah-hati’ songs. P.o Box 585, 30670 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia or

Mortal Combat ‘Hello?! Fukk you! Thank you!’ CD (Thrash steady syndicate)
I missed this band’s show when they toured Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand recently because I was at my hometown. I can’t forgive myself so at least I bought the CD. This CD collects all songs from their previous releases ‘Bangun dari Mimpi Buruk yang Indah comp’, ‘first ep’ and ‘split with LastxMinute’ and some unreleased tracks, also the movie (video). They play rocking fast as hell thrashcore with sing along choruses. Sings about wanting food not weapon, media greed, etc. c/o Normann Rashid, Blk 11, TOA Payoh, Lorong 8, #03-310, Singapore 310011 or

Second Combat ‘what had inspired us?’ CD (UnitedxFront)/RM16
Well, I still have this bands’ first demo released in 1997. When I first listened to this CD, I smsed Ein and told him they had improved a lot. No I’m not comparing to the 1997 demo ‘race, truth, attitude, something’ cassette but their recent recordings on Bonds Of Oldskool compilation CD. Their music and lyrics have matured incline with their age as a band, I guess. On this CD they’re more towards modern hardcore and not sticking to the 88 youthcrew style. That’s cool. The issues tackled this time around includes racism, poison free, working class and capitalism system, losing someone close to you/you love because of drugs abusing and others. My pick for this CD are ‘worth life to redeem’, ‘second combat’ and also ‘you won’t listen’. They’re going to tour Europe for 3 weeks this July I hope them all the best. UnitedxFront Records, No. 24 Jalan Wangsa Ceria 4, Wangsa Melawati, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or

Shock Treatment ‘I’m burning’ CD (Rumble Fish Corporation)
I really don’t know how to describe this band’s sound. It’s like heavy rock stuffs with old/classic hardcore vocals like Black Flag (well, sometimes) with rock solos. The CD only provides 1 lyric out of seven songs which is the title track. It’s a song about soul searching if I’m not mistaken. The label is from Italy and also the band I think. R.F.C, c/o Antonello L’Abbate – Via Giusto, 93 72015 Fasano (Br) –Italy or

V/A Indie for Glory vol. 1 cdr (glorious day)
I love compilations. I love indie rock. This compilation is more towards brit pop influenced bands. The band Lightcraft really reminds me of Coldplay, really. Laila’s Lounge sounds like Oasis. The Rhaman is quite different and cool female fronted band. The Melodies have The Beatles guitar lines. Overall, if you’re a sucker for brit-pop, this CD is a must!

Young and Dangerous ‘dangerous youth and the life saving thrash punk tunes’ CD (C3R)/RM13
This is still hot from oven. YAD is a household name for the southern Malaysian thrash scene. This is their first full length CD with 16 songs in it mostly influenced by Japanese thrash punk bands like Razor’s Edge. There are low points on this CD. Among them are: one: some unsynchronized sing-along parts, and two: the vocalist is not singing the lyrics. Among the tracks I like a lot are the intro, ‘thrashing rock and roll radio’, ‘fierce Mohawks… lame attitude’, ‘small room pack kids’ and ‘ride fast die young’. They also cover 7 second’s ‘Young til I die’ and Razor’s Edge’s ‘Mountain Mountain’ with Malay version. Lyrics concern about message boards, greedy politicians, chaos punks, playing show in rehearsal studios, mat rempits, football team fanatics, touring, marriage business, nature and etc. Community Coalition Circle Records, Farid 16 Felda Seberang Tayor, 24020 kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia. or

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