Monday, July 16, 2007

Brain Sketching Introduction

Hi! Peace be upon you! Welcome to this newly made blog. My label just released a CD and we felt it's hard to expose our CDs since there's no active and consistant fanzine around here nowadays. We don't wanna send our releases to big magazines like ROTTW or Konsert to review. The local scene needes a channel/media for their stuffs to be reviewed. So, that's why I decided to upload all these reviews I did here. It's actually writtten for my fanzine. But to wait until the zine is released, the reviews will be outdated. I'll still put out zines, no worries.
Btw, the blog name is inspired by The Rotten's (early 90's punk/oi band from my hometown, Kuala Terengganu) demo tape title. I define it as 'to convey what you have in your mind, ides or messages.


masokis said...

ai...anti-corporate nampak...hehehe..."goodbye cruel world", goodbye altantuya~ kuikuikui.

Robbie Buff said...

yeah...great idea...lotak lo graphikk skit...baru cun...semoga sukses!