Monday, November 9, 2009

Speaking of Spekong

Samir and I always talked about this female photographer for Sandwich Skatezine and Revolution Skate Magazine earlier issues. She used the nick name Spekong. During my forth semester, Spekong was my photography lecturer.

After the first photography class ended, I went to the front and asked, “Miss, are you Spekong?”

It was really her. Unfortunately I changed course the week after that.


zeezam said...

apa jadi lepas tu? mcm tergantung je cite. hehe

Nervhous Records said...

hehe...lepas tu die tersipu2 malu. die tanye camner aku tau die spekong. aku ckp lah, aku bace zine sandwich ngn revolution. dlm revolution pernah kuar gmbr die, sbb tu aku tau...hehe

zeezam said...