Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the secret song from always last's antidotes

Yeah baby, Always Last just released their debut album. On the last track, there's a hidden track called 'the secret song' I think. It sounds like a song by Rivers Cuomo from Weezer and it's acoustic. It'll touch your heart so much and make you think about your past memories. Please please don't miss this hidden track in this must-listen album...!

Missing you

Can’t get you out of me

And I felt so wrong

If I could have met u somewhere else

I would like to say

For you, I’ll never call your phone

For you, I’ll slowly let u go

In my heart I felt so tired

So I wrote this song

In my heart I felt so empty

Only you only you

Would make me feel free

Dreamt of you

Can’t get you out of me

And I felt so wrong

Even if your heart would let me in

I will let you go

In our secret song

In our secret song


FastRi said...

suke bebenor bebudok 'lambat sokmo' ni memuatkan trek tersembunyi. aku hampir miss yg dalam demo tu kalau tak main kt pc

Nervhous Records said...

hahha...hok dlm album ni lagi la...lepas lagu akhir, kat brape minit lepas tu baru lah muncul. kalu dok dgr kat pc mesti ramai terlepas...hahha...