Tuesday, December 16, 2008

RIP-Syukree of Chaos PS zine

Syukree, the wedded couple and Sketchyourbrain

As usual I woke up late today to work. Been working on DDT cover design last night. Since I was still in bed till I'm on my bike to work, tonnes of SMS came into my cellphone inbox.

This one I got from Zeezam "Salam. Sy br dpt call dari Fadiah yg menyatakan Syukree (Chaos PS zine) telah meninggal dunia. Innalillah".

This is another one from an anonymous number "Bekas wartawan Suara Keadilan, yang juga menulis untuk watan dan malaysia today, Syukree Hussein meninggal dunia dalam tidur pagi ini di Brickfields. Jenazah kini di PPUM. Beliau dijangka dikebumi di Terengganu".

As I arrived at the office, Fael asked me to pick him up and planned to go to the hospital. Then again, Cyberia and the hospital is too far. Plus, Fael have job interview later today around here. So, we cancelled the plan to go to the hospital.


Just recently he came along with Dum Dum Tak when we played New Era College, Kajang…and went makan satay kajang together and I sent him to KL Central later that night.

Just recently petang raya haji, he came to Kuala Terengganu and we (Syukree, Fazri DRSA zine+wife+kid, and i) went to Sedang (Sleepyjeremy vocalist) wedding and lepak at Fazri and Shabri (Kasih Sayang) house for a cup of tea. I sent him off to Masjid Ladang later than evening.

Just a few days ago I watched his ‘demo separuh bogel’ video and laughed at how crazy this guy is.

Syukree might be a pain in the ass most of the time, but…really he inspired and did a kick-start to the Terengganu DIY (3rd generation?) scene back in 1997/98 with his ever-so-controversial fanzine, Chaos PS (PS stands for Pulau Serai his kampung). After his zine was released, we saw zines like DRSA, Narrator, Go Str8 Down and also Mosh arise…

Yeah, he’s a good-hearted guy. I still remember as we drive in Kuala Terengganu petang raya haji, he told me he just closed-down his long-running blog at hatiku dot blogspot dot com. He love the blog so much. He said it’s because hatiku has hurt a lot or peoples’ hearts.

Maybe it’s a ’sign’…? As if he knows he’ll be away for good…

This news is a shock to me…hope he rest well and in peace…

collective conference in 2002 (Syukree in black holding black flag)


zeezam said...

aku pun tak dpt gi tgk dia semalam.
rasa ralat tu sampai sekarang.
aku harap dia aman kat sana...

Siti Jenar AKA said...


Cursive said...

aku sorg je baru tau syukree ninggal doh.. nasib baik ujay kabo ari tu.. walaupun aku x kenal dier sgt, tp dier seorg yg baik hati.. igt lagi dier jd mc mase gig Rohock Dog Patut dulu, tahun 99 eh? anyway, al-fatihah..